Next, test the regulator by pressing the urge button Momentarily. The air should flow freely and stop when you release the button. A slight hissing from the second stage may stop if the purge button is pressed or the mouthpiece opening is blocked momentarily. If it does not, notify your instructor. Some very sensitive regulators may begin to free flow (release air continuously) loudly when you press the purge; put your fingers across the mouthpiece and it should stop.

Check the exhaust valve by exhaling into the regulator. Exhalation should be easy. If not, the exhaust valve may be stuck - notify your instructor. If both the purge and exhaust valves function properly, take a few breaths from ,he regulator as a final check. The regulator should breathe easily and smoothly.Sekure hoses and streamline your gear.Dangling SPGs and alternate air sources damage themselves as they drag on the bot tom and the reef. They create drag while you swim and they can destroy and kill sensitive aquatic life.

Your BCD and hoses will have clips, snaps and other attachments so that none of your hoses dangle. Ideally, when swimming underwater nothing hangs below your body line more than about 20 cm/8 inches - and less is better. Typically, you run the SPG hose under your left arm and attach it to the front of your BCD where you can either see it, or easily swing it up and see it. Your alternate air source usually runs under your right arm (though this may vary with the type) and attaches in the triangle formed by your chin and the corners of your rib cages. You'll use a clip or holder that holds it securely, but releases with a firm tug.