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Scuba Diving And Yoga And Connection Between The Two

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In the past few years yoga has been a very popular activity. And even though it seems to be completely unrelated to scuba diving, both activities have a lot in common and are closely connected. They actually complement each other and can work together to improve your scuba diver skills.

The reality is that breathing is the base of that both activities. Yoga is all about improving your breathing techniques while scuba diving is all about using the right breathing techniques during your dive. Breathing right can only be done when relaxed, and let that be one of the things that is also practiced a lot during yoga.

The perfect scuba dive would be a stress and care free dive, which leaves your body and mind relaxed and a tank with left over air when you surface. Sounds easy, but to have this perfect dive, you need to learn how to breathe and control your mind to avoid circumstances going wrong.

Yoga is all about realising your full potential with the harmonious union of body, mind and spirit. This gives you more control under water and makes your dive experience even more intense. It teaches you how to influence your body, mind and breathing. Besides this, it teaches you to control possible stressful situations by breathing techniques and a meditative mind. Eventually you will notice your dives will last longer, your buoyancy will be better and you’re enjoying your time even more than before.

Not only does yoga improve your breathing techniques for diving, it also strengthens your physical posture. These physical postures practiced in yoga strengthen and stretch muscles that are very important during diving. This reduces the risk of injuries and helps prevent fatigue, which can lead to the feeling of breathlessness and increased anxiety when diving.

Similarities of scuba diving and yoga on spiritual and physical level:

  • More stress resistant (partly due to good breathing techniques)
  • More flexible
  • Better balance
  • Strong muscles
  • Positive view in life
  • Better and healthier breathing   
  • Lower blood pressure
  • More peaceful

Will you practice some yoga next time before going for a dive?