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In general, scuba diving bali puts forward the term “meet”. Indeed, it allows to meet other people and also to meet the underwater world.
It will allow you to discover yourself, to realize what are your abilities, which are often-underestimated.
Contrary to what some people may think, underwater activities and especially diving are adapted to most disabilities, even if it’s physical, mental, or sensory.
During a dive, it will allow to be among a group and to let yourself be carried by the water. Indeed, the body moves differently under water with more lightness.
Diving will allow you to discover unique senses, develop a sense of freedom in a world of weightlessness. The work of breathing will allow the appeasement of the body.

Bali scuba diving course will participate in the well-being of the diver, both physically and psychologically.

Indeed, diving will help you to learn how to control your stress and how to surpass yourself. But, it will also create a social link and thus develop the personal esteem of each beyond its limits.
Diving will allow you to discover new places, a new environment: the underwater world.

·     Within Dune Atlantis Bali
Our instructors can supervise all types of people. Moreover, our Course Director Karl Singéry, has also received a special training to dive with people with disabilities.
Usually, it is not necessary to have specialized equipment for disabled people.
Standard equipment is suitable for almost all the divers. However, there are suitable accessories that can improve dives, which are available in our center if necessary such as webbed gloves for paraplegic people for example, or specific masks for the visually impaired … Accessibility to our pool and some of our sites are also adapted.

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