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The Best Surfing Spots in Bali

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Table of Contents

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An island rich in waves

Bali is one of the most coveted surfing destinations in the world. With a low cost of living, a welcoming community and water temperatures around 30 degrees with mostly sunny weather. This makes Bali a surfing reference for those looking for a change of scenery, travel and to get in the water.

An activity punctuated by the seasons

Once your passport is up to date and your visa obtained, you’re on your way to the nearest airport, heading for the sun! With lefts, rights(wave direction), reef breaks (seabed with rocks/corals), point breaks (spot stuck to a cliff) and beach breaks (seabed made of sand), there is something for everyone in Bali, whether you are a beginner, an amateur or an expert.

The main spots of the island are located in the south, more precisely in the Bukit peninsula with world famous lefts such as Uluwatu, Padang Padang or Dreamland. However, these spots being very famous, you risk to fall on peaks full of surfers. Lately, with the Covid, fewer people are in the water, becoming the ideal time to come and surf the Indian Ocean.

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The best season for surfing these spots of the west coast (from Canggu to Green Ball) are from May to September/October which represents the dry season. The water is clean and clear with an average temperature of 28 degrees.

The rest of the year, the weather is more humid and warmer (approximately 30/31 degrees). from January to February, the rainy season makes the spots in western Bali hardly practicable. If some peoples say it will be disrupting your trip, the spots from Sri Lanka beach to Keramas without forgetting those Nusa Penida (to reach them, you will have to go to the north of Sanur where speedboats will allow you to cross between Bali and these spots) are protected from the bad weather.

Thanks to Dune Bali’s new partner, Rip Curl Surf School Sanur, you can benefit from advice and training to discover and surf from the North of Sanur to Serangan and choose the spot that suits you best according to your level and your desires. They will be able to drop you off with their boats and thus avoid you from swimming across the coral reef.

If you decide to come to Bali, don’t hesitate to come to Sanur at Rip Curl Surf School Sanur where you can enjoy this new collaboration. We will give you access to diving and surfing programs during your stay for the whole family.

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