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The Do’s and Don’ts of Scuba Diving

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Table of Contents

Other than snorkeling, scuba diving is probably the second most popular activity to do especially in tropical holiday regions. Many tour operators or dive centers promoting scuba diving as something everyone can do. To accommodate beginners, most dive centers do offer introductory diving trips. Here are some points you should consider before starting your scuba diving experience:


  • Consider getting certification, you will learn the basic scuba diving theory and skills in a span of 4 days consisting of theory classes, confined and open water dives. When certified, you can plan your own trips, rent gears, and venture to deeper water adventures among many other things!
  • Be in a fit condition because once you are underwater, conditions may change. It’s important to be healthy.
  • Dive with a buddy with the same or higher certification than you to share the diving experience and the fun. Also be able to assist each other in case of a problem. Dive centers usually organize dives in groups with one instructor/divemaster which is even better.
  • Control your buoyancy, learning to dive is like learning to walk. You are learning a whole new skill that is very close to how it would feel to fly. Take your time and learn properly so you can have a more enjoyable and safe diving experience for you and the underwater environment.
  • Have a third person above the surface, this is optional but could be very useful if you are diving in open water using boat. They will assist you to ensure a more enjoyable trip and keep you safe.
  • Follow you instructor or guide, they are more familiar with the local underwater environment and can guide you to a safer and more enjoyable dive through and through.
  • Choose the right dive operator, there are plenty options in the market for scuba diving but you should look for a dive operator with a high standard procedure to ensure your safety and enjoyment like us, Dune Indonesia where we continuously providing and improving our guest experience.


  • Alcohol and dive, you don’t drink and drive, same principle here. Avoid alcohol before and during a dive trip. Alcohol will impair your consciousness making you less aware of things that could happen.
  • Dive alone. Dive with another person or in a group is more enjoyable and safer anyway. But, some people prefer to dive alone and in order to do that they have to complete a special dive course for that purpose.
  • Dive outside your comfort level. If you are not comfortable, raise your opinion to your instructor or guide and tell them your problem. They can help mitigate your worries or even change the trip destination altogether to ensure your comfort.
  • Hold your breath. Remember the first rule of scuba diving: Keep breathing.

With all that said, scuba diving is a very enjoyable and rewarding activity. Entering below the surface is like being transported to a whole new world. One last do’s and don’ts you should know when scuba diving is “A diver takes nothing but pictures, leaves nothing but bubbles and kills nothing but time.”