The famous wreck: USS Liberty - Tulamben, Bali | Atlantis Bali Diving

The Famous Wreck: USS Liberty – Tulamben, Bali

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Discover the most famous shipwreck 

The Liberty USS wreck is one of the most famous wreck dive  in the world. Lots of divers travel to Bali, especially to discover this wreck. Located just 25 metres from shore, and resting between 5 – 30 metres deep, it is accessible to all levels and variety of divers: try divers, beginners and experienced divers as well, freedivers, and snorkelers can all enjoy this incredible wreck.
Today, with its amazing underwater biodiversity and its fascinating history this wreck is known worldwide.


It all started in 1918, the USAT Liberty was a 120m United States military cargo ship previously used to transport merchandise. On the 11 January 1942, during the Second World War, the USS Liberty was torpedoed by the Japanese while stationing off the strait of Lombok. Damaged, the captain towed the ship towards Bali, then he took the decision to go to Singaraja, but the ship began to break apart and instead was beached onto the shore of Tulamben. He stayed at the same position during twenty years. 

Then, in 1963, the lava from the volcanic eruption of Mount Agung caused by the earthquakes pushed the ship into the sea where it sank onto its side and was forgotten until the early 1980’s.  At that moment, all dives center around Bali start to be interested by this beautiful dive spot. Today, It’s the most famous dive spot in Bali. The marine life is incredible, you will find lots of different colors, shapes, and sizes who have colonized the 120 metre-long vessel.
Night dives are also unforgettable! Each night the numerous Parrot fish goes on the wreck and sleep there together as one big family (there are about 20 individuals). Then, you may see some big groupers eating fishes in the beams of diving lights and  moray eels that come out in the water.
Moreover, gorgonians and corals are filled with tiny shellfishes that hide by decorating their head with seaweeds.

Nowadays, the wreck is famous worldwide for divers. Indeed, it is a place of choice for divers, with its diversity and its incredible underwater life.

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