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The Most Beautiful Beaches Of Bali

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Table of Contents

Dreamland Beach, Uluwatu, Bali

One of the most beautiful beaches of Bali are located on Bukit Peninsula, the peninsula in the southern tip of Bali. The beaches are surrounded by high cliffs and surfers can indulge themselves here. The beaches are wonderful to relax and certainly around Uluwatu there are plenty of trendy restaurants and beach clubs. Bingin Beach is a wonderful place to watch surfers and eat fresh fish on the beach in the evenings, but Dreamland Beach is the most beautiful beach: wide, white and bordered by high cliffs. Short said: this is the place to be in Bali when it comes to beautiful beaches.

Kuta Beach, Bali

Bali’s most popular beach, especially among surfers and party-goers, is Kuta Beach. There are regularly activities on the beach. The beautiful white beach and the emerald sea, adjacent to a large boulevard where you can find hotels in all price ranges. Kuta Beach has a spectacularly beautiful sunset where thousands of people gather daily to witness this phenomenon in the afternoon.

Sanur, Bali

Sanur is located in a lagoon on the East coast of Bali. The wind here is a lot less than in Kuta and surroundings. As a result, there are no meters-high surf waves that Kuta is so famous for. For this reason you can swim in the sea in Sanur with peace of mind and you are also a lot less bothered by sellers on the beach. The beach regularly fills with colourful Balinese people who take part in a ceremony.

Jimbaran Bay, Bali

One of the most beautiful white sandy beaches of Bali can be found here. Jimbaran Bay is nicknamed “Beverly Hills of Bali” or “Millionaire’s Row”. It was a small fishing village that has grown in the 80s is the holiday destination for tourists in the middle and high segment. It is generally safe to swim. A disadvantage for some is that they have almost no nightlife. It is also home to a Norwegian university where 500 students receive their education.


Amed is a combination of 7 small villages in the east of Bali. Tourism is not yet the dominant form of income here. Just since a few years there is a road and there are telephone lines to this part of the island. If you are between the canoes and thatched huts on the beach you have a view of the island of Lombok. The beach is made of coarse volcanic black pebbles, but the farther you go from the Gunung Anung volcano it turns into grey/brown sand. Amed is ideal for people who avoid the mass. Possibilities for doing something include free-diving, snorkelling or meditation sessions.

Lovina Beach

The Lovina beach is an excellent location to view the sunrise, snorkel or dive. It is also a good place to swim. The environment and population are very hospitable. The local fishermen, with traditional Balinese boats, take tourists to the sea to spot dolphins.

Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua is located on a lagoon on the southeastern tip of Bali and has beautiful white beaches and crystal clear water. And there are many water sports to practice such as, jet skiing, parasailing, fishing, diving, sea fishing and windsurfing. Definitely recommended is renting a small sailing boat to go to the sea. There are many good restaurants where the freshly caught fish are grilled or processed into tasty Balinese dishes. It is therefore not surprising that this is among the most luxurious beach destinations on the island. Here you can finally relax. Have a drink on the beach or dive into one of the clear blue private pools surrounded by palm trees.