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The Treasures Of Diving In Nusa Penida

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Table of Contents

Discover this small and mysterious island

The magical small island of Nusa Penida is located at 45 minutes by boat from Bali.
The island attracts more and more tourists every year with its incredible landscapes, big cliffs, transparent water, but also with its incredible species and seabed. 

Unforgettable dives

The dives around Nusa Penida are known worldwide. The currents present may be challenging but this is why you will find some drift dives that allow to observe lots of different species of corals and reef fishes.
The famous Manta Rays and the giant Mola Mola also contribute to the island’s reputation. You can see Manta Ray all year round. However, Mola Molas are pretty hard to see as they go down to the blue to find some food.
If you are lucky enough you could see one between June and October, when the water temperature gets colder. The underwater visibility  is one of the best around the island, due to the currents in the area.
Today, Nusa Penida is famous thanks to many sites such as Crystal Bay, Manta Point, Mangrove Bay, Toyapakeh, PED, SD, Sental and Blue Corner. The underwater life on those sites has a wide variety of species. You will find hard and soft corals, pelagic but also if you get lucky you may spot turtles, reef sharks, Mola Mola, or lots of Manta Rays.

A majestic encounter with the famous Manta Rays

The site of Manta Point in Nusa Penida, located on the west coast of the island, is one of the most famous diving spots in Indonesia due to its many Manta Rays. Lots of divers from all over the world come specially to encounter them.
Indeed, you can see Manta Ray throughout the year, they are coming there because of the “cleaning stations”, where small fishes help them to clean themselves. It is possible to admire a Manta ray while diving but also if you’re snorkeling. No worries, Manta rays are inoffensive and very curious, they will be attracted by the air bubbles and come very easily to play with the divers. An encounter with a Manta Ray is a unique experience, the will be a real connection with the majestic Manta’s. 

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