Tips and tricks for a first Dive | Diving for beginners | Atlantis Bali Diving

Tips and Tricks For A First Dive

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Table of Contents

Regardless of your age, diving requires a good shape. It is forbidden for pregnant women, but not only: some health states, such as asthma, nervous problems, heart problems, or ear surgery, require a prior medical advice, even for a Try Diving. Therefore, do not loose time and anticipate your medical consultation!

Underwater | Enjoy your first dive | Atlantis Bali Diving

What should you eat before a dive ?

Diving inflicts a great physical effort to your body: Favor slow sugars, such as pastas and rice. Ideally, that kind of food should be consumed the evening before your dive, so that the digestion has finished, and the energy charge is at its best for the dives to come. Obviously, hardly digestible food should be avoided: a sauerkraut or a cassoulet won’t be your best friends…

A little snack attack? To prevent a drop in energy underwater, you can take a snack with you, such as condensed milk, which is easy to consume.

The tooling for an entry-level diver | First dive | Atlantis Bali Diving

The tooling for an entry-level diver

A good dive goes together with good equipment. Actually, it is one of the sports that require the most complex equipment: it is important to acquaint oneself with it.

First of all, the mask and the fins. Choose open-heel fins that you can wear with boots. You will also need a pressure regulator that will allow you to breathe the air inside your bottle (rather fundamental…).

Then, the wetsuit: Do not neglect it, because an appropriated wetsuit will bring you comfort, protection, and will help you fully enjoy your dive in the best possible way. The buoyancy compensator you will wear over your wetsuit will help you stabilize underwater and have a better buoyancy. It can also be useful to set the bottle and store material.

Finally, you can complement your gear with a pair of gloves: Not only will it protect you from the cold water but also from all the elements surrounding you underwater.

How to put your wetsuit on? | First dive | Atlantis Bali Diving

How to put your wetsuit on?

Neoprene is not your best friend? Here are some tips for you…

-Baste your legs with liquid soap (a biodegradable one of course…), and the magic happens.

-Put your foot in a plastic bag, which will help your leg slipping into the wetsuit: Neoprene is not as resistant to plastic as to your skin.

You need some adjustments? Once your wetsuit is put on you, ask someone to blow into your sleeve, from your wrist, for you to explore the seabed in complete peace.  

How to remove the fog from your mask? | First dive | Atlantis bali diving

How to remove the fog from your mask?

You cannot bear the fog inside your mask that keeps you from admiring the colored fishes and anemones? The solution is quite simple! First of all, choose a mask that fits your face, and do not tighten the girth too strongly. Then, all is a matter of regular cleaning of your mask, even (and especially) if it is new!

An effective tip: spit into your mask, and rub the glasses. Let stand as long as possible, and then rinse it. This technique can also work with soapy water, but be careful: choose a biodegradable soap, because Mother Nature do not have to suffer our little fog problems…

Equalization: what is it?

Fundamental | First dive | Atlantis Bali diving

While immersing underwater, the pressure acting on your outer ear increases, and compress the air contained into your middle ear. This one begins enters in depression, pulling the walls of your ear, especially the eardrum. That causes, in most cases, a discomfort. However, I should never turn into pain: the ear is a very fragile organ, and you should take care of it.

For this purpose, you can use the “Ear Clearing” or “Equalization”, also called “Valsalva”: Pinch your nose, and then exhale with your mouth shut, like if you were blowing your nose. Even out of the water, you can experiment this technique, and you will feel a little snap in your ears.

That equalization have to be operated all along your dive, as often as possible, and especially when you go deeper.  

(Besides, please comply with an interval of at least 24h between a dive and a flight or a mountain walk).

Fundamentals signs for beginners

Underwater, communication is only through gestures. Therefore, you should know those that will be essential, even for a first dive, to avoid your friends and yourself a misunderstanding: Good communication is necessary!

Golden rules

Golden rules for first dive | Atlantis Bali Diving
  • Respect and consider every indication from your instructor: the underwater world can be a hostile and unpredictable environment.
  • Respect the delicate world that is surrounding you: we should have a minimum effect on the fauna and flora, to preserve them. Don’t touch anything, do not give food to fishes, and stay as far as possible from the species you will meet.
  • Enjoy! Diving is a unique experience, and will allow you to enter another dimension: don’t get overwhelmed by stress, and rather admire the wide world around you!