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Experience Scuba Diving course in a short time which includes the basics…

The famous Blue Lagoon with its white sand

Exploring the underwater charm of Balinese south-east

Exploring the USAT Liberty, Manta Rays and the giant Mola Molas (Sunfish)

Explore the USAT Liberty, the dive site Pyramids, Manta rays, and Molamolas.

Explore ship wreck USAT Liberty and an incredibly marine flora

Explore the USAT Liberty, the gate to the past

Explore USAT Liberty wreck, Blue Lagoon, the dive sites Gili Mimpang and Gili Tepekong

Explore the USAT Liberty and Jemeluk’s coral plateau

Choose your Bali customized dive safaris dates

Experience breathtaking walls, home for many small creatures!