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Rules And Guidelines For Diving

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Table of Contents

Diving is exploring another world. But this world, if we do not paid attention, can be damaged and this can have irreversible consequences on the quality of the fauna and marine flora.

Here are 7 tips to optimize your underwater behavior in order to be a responsible diver.

1. One of the most occurring faults of the diver is kicking with the fins … it is necessary to avoid kicking the fins violently near the rocks and the ground, this will damage the area, fauna and flora.
2.  Do not touch, catch or destroy the coral … never!
3.  Adjust the buoyancy (stabilization) to avoid any contact with seabed, flora and fauna.
4. Be careful to securely attach the equipment, in order to prevent dragging it on the ground as this can damage the corals and the ground. It also prevents interference with the other members of the dive group (pressure reducer, emergency regulator, lamp, camera …
5. When using a video camera, a lamp, the lights should be limited to prevent scaring or damaging  marine life (fauna and flora).
6. Try to not touch the walls and the floor with your equipment (bottle, accessories, fins) when you pass in narrow places or caves.
7. Never feed the fish…

Summarizing, the diver must act responsible and non-stressful to the fauna and flora; lighting, touching, approaching distance, kicking with fins, in order to preserve the underwater world and ensure that future generations can also enjoy the wonders that the ocean has to offer.