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USAT Liberty Wreck In Tulamben

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If you come to Bali to dive, the USS Liberty Ship Wreck is an absolute must-do. The USAT liberty ship (June 19, 1918) was a United States Army cargo that was used for animal transport. During her last voyage in WW2, when the USAT Liberty was carrying rubber and railway parts, she was hit by two torpedoes from a Japanese submarine in the Lombok Strait. Wounded but not sunk, they tried to get her all the way to Singaraja, in hope she could be repaired there. Unfortunately, she took too much water and on January 1942, the vessel got beached in Tulamben to avoid it sinking. In 1963 the very strong eruption of holy Mount Agung shook up the area so much, that the boat rolled the vessel off, and finally sunk it. Now she lies on a sand slope in the ocean. The wreck is about 125 meters long, with the shallowest part at about 5 meters deep and the deepest on the other side of the wreck at about 30 meters deep.

The ship is now located near to the tiny fishing village of Tulamben; one of the most renowned and most loved locations in  Bali for scuba
diving . In Tulamben, the sea is generally calm, which provides easier and more relaxing dives sessions.

Every part of the wreck hides little treasures to explore. You can find all kind of different fauna and flora here. Having been in the water for over 56 years now, the wreck is covered in healthy coral and is home to an abundance of marine life including Sea Turtles, Scorpion Fish, the famous Pygmy Sea Horse, Giant Barracuda as well as an array of macro

We offer amazing day trips to Tulamben and The USAT Liberty ship wreck. Click here: Day Trip Tulamben