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Where to eat in Sanur ?

                  In Bali, you will probably be charmed by the Indonesian gastronomy , rich and tasty. The island is famous for its beaches, spectacular sunsets, family-friendly resorts and spiritual retreats, but the god island is also a good place to savour succulent food. We find you some right places to taste this food and satisfy your taste buds.

In the city :

Warung Santai and Warung Kecil : €

                Own by the same family , these two places are one of our favourites.These little warungs offer a great selection of tasty internationals and locals dishes at a price which doesn’t break your budget. Vegetarian, meat or fish lovers are all welcome, these local restaurants have something for everyone. According to the chef’s inspiration , and of course to the season , he will prepare you delicious food .

Location Warung Santai

Location Warung Kecil

Eat in Sanur | Atlantis Bali Diving

Warung Coconut Tree : €

              If you enjoy surprising places, this warung is for you. You can taste Balinese dishes in a relaxed and reggae atmosphere. Prices are correct and the live night shows make of this place a friendly and pleasant location.

Location Coconut Tree

Eat in Sanur | Atlantis Bali Diving

On the other side of the Bypass :

Warung MD : €

                Located on the other side of the Bypass , this warung is a perfect place to enjoy Asiatic food. You will find Indian, Indonesian and Balinese delicious dishes for low prices. This restaurant is one of the best you will find in Sanur.

Location MD Warung

Eat in Sanur | Atlantis Bali Diving

Dapur Mamiku : €

                 This tiny gem offers a large choice of delicious dishes at low prices. This warung proposes a mix of European and Indonesian food. Enjoy the diversity of meals ( Salads, pasta, bruschetta , sandwiches, Balinese food…) and find Occidentals flavors for attractive prices. A little outdoor terrace makes Mamiku a pleasant place, you will always be welcoming by a smiling team.

Location Dapur Mamiku

On the beach : 

Kak Odong :€

               Directly on Sanur Beach, come and enjoy typical Indonesian and International dishes. With attractive prices and tasty recipes, this little restaurant facing the ocean is one of our favorite. The wide range of meals and their freshness make of Kak Odong a great place to eat in Sanur.

Location Kak Odong

Eat in Sanur | Atlantis Bali Diving

Lilla Pantai : €€

                 In front of the beach, come and disgust a large variety of delicious dishes. This restaurant, in the top 3 of TripAdvisors reviews, is a good way to combine good food and beautiful sea view. A little bit more expensive than typical warungs mention just above, you will be charmed by fresh and tasty meals for a good price.

Location Lilla Pantai

Eat in Sanur | Atlantis Bali Diving

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