Woman's Dive Day | Atlantis Bali Diving


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Women, this day is for you. Men, you can call your sister, your mother, your daughter, or your girlfriend to come read this !

This 15th of July 2017 is a special day, it’s the Women’s Dive Day!

For this third edition of the women’s dive day, our dive center Dune Atlantis International in Sanur, Bali, organize a special day for all the female divers, certified or beginner, all the levels are invited!

Scuba diving is a great way to share unforgettable moments with friends or family and it’s also a passport to new adventures and options of travel. Don’t miss that opportunity to become a diver and be part of the big PADI’s family!

For this Women’s Dive Day, all the women are invited to come with us diving in Tulamben on the famous Wreck USAT Liberty, one of the best dive site in Asia, to share the passion of the dive with others women all around the world.

As we want to have a great day among women, the rent of the GoPro and the Cameras is totally free! Like that, we will take a lot of pictures underwater and have a lot of wonderful memories of this special day! Plus, you will have 20% of discount for you Diving Day with us.

For those who don’t want to dive on the wreck, Atlantis give you 20% of discount on every dives! If you want to do a try dive or enjoy a fun diving day, you just have to book for this special day and you will have 20% of discount!

Note: Offer only for women!

Don’t wait anymore and contact us to join the Women’s Dive Day!

If you are a male diver, book for your girlfriend, your sister or your mother, we are sure they will love this gift!

For more information about the Women’s Dive Day, please contact us: [email protected]

We hope we will be a lot of women for this celebratory day, and we waiting for you!