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Yardena Sarai From Haan In Amsterdam – Netherlands

Yardena is an IDC Staff Instructor. She assisted Patrick at PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) from 25 November to 9 December 2016 and helped out. However, you didn’t know what happened 6 years ago at her first time diving experience in Gili Air, Indonesia at PADI Open Water Course, she was going to quit !

I was so scared and almost cried when I went into the water. My instructor took me down the line slowly and all of a sudden we were surrounded by thousands of fish. We descended in the middle of a huge school of fish. I knew right then and there, this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life!! I saved up my money, quit my job and became a diving instructor with couple number of dive logs in the next few years.

Yardena’s partner, Rob, also came to join IDC Staff course with Patrick from 25 November to 9 December 2016. They were both here at Atlantis International Bali because they needed update.

In November 2016, I did a few TDI Tech courses with Atlantis International Bali and we did the diving in Tulamben. The Marine life is so diverse here. Just walking down the beach and putting your head underwater is enough to see loads of fish. For the course we did 2 dives to 55m and even there you have all the beautiful fish you see at the top. I love diving here. There is something to see for every diver. You want to see small critters, you’ve got it! Sharks? Check! Mantas? Yup! Every dive is a good dive!

She chose Atlantis International Bali because of the Course Director, Patrick who also teaches TDI Tech Courses. She knows for a fact that Patrick is one of the best in this business and good education is very important to Yardena.

I think the facilities at Atlantis International Bali are very good. Everything you need is here. The staff is friendly.

After finish helping out IDC in Bali, she went back to teaching in Thailand. Being in Bali was like a holiday for her.

Her dream is to be able to teach divers of all levels. More Tech diving. Do Rebreather and to be fully trained in Cave diving. In a few years, she wants to become a Course Director.

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