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Nyepi is a Balinese « Day of Silence » that is commemorated every Isakawarsa (Saka new year) according to the Balinese calendar. It is a Hindu celebration mainly celebrated in BaliIndonesia and it will make the island look like it is deserted.


Tuesday 24th of March 2020

The evening before silence day, Ogoh-Ogoh is celebrated. Ogoh-Ogoh starts with making a lot of noises and torches to drive out the demons. After this there is a big parade around the village with, self-made, demonic statues carried by Balinese men and boys, at the end of the parade they burn the statues on the beach. This ritual is performed to drive away the evil spirits.


Wednesday 25th of march 2020 to Thursday 26th of March

The next day Nyepi, Day of Silence, is from 6 A.M. to the next day 6 P.M. Nyepi is a day of silence, fasting and meditation to have a day full of self-reflection. The airport is closed, people stay at home, they cannot use electricity, roads are empty, and internet connection is very limited.  The island is silent and the only people on the streets are security who patrol the streets. Despite Nyepi is a Hindu holiday the non-Hindu residents and tourists have to participate with the 24 hours of silence.

The day after Nyepi is also celebrated as New Years’s Day. After those 24 hours of silence people get back to work and go to their friends and families to ask forgiveness and welcome the new days to come.

Please note Dune Atlantis will be closed on the 25th of March and we will close earlier on the 24th to all get ready for this important day.