Amok - Full Pack Scuba Diving Nusa Penida

In Nusa Penida, Amok is one of our best-kept secrets! Amok’s wall is advancing towards Crystal Bay. The dive site gets its name from the Amok Sunset pub, which is located just next to it. Before drifting into the current, we dive Amok between two rocks in a little cove. A vertical steep wall and large terraces in front of us are completely covered with red and orange corals. This site’s rich blue makes the colors pop. Despite the high currents that can occur here, the site’s geography provides a safe feeling.


Different species can be seen depending on the depths of the steps. We will follow the larger ones in the deep, seeking for schools of batfish, thresher sharks, or Mola Mola. A shallow fracture in the wall attracts scorpionfish and stonefish since it is less deep. Smaller species, like as hairy squat lobsters residing in large barrel sponges, are also present.

Finally, different types of clownfish guard their anemones on the last plateau in shallow water. However, porcelain crabs, ghost shrimps, sexy anemone shrimps, and various nudibranchs can be found.

The dive’s end is simple to spot because the topography changes and a slope leads up to Gamat Bay. Different varieties of reef sharks (white tip, bamboo) can be found there, as well as powerful ghost Pipefish with their leaf-shaped camouflage. In the bay, we’ll make a safety stop with several turtles and young or adult ribbon eels. During our ascent, we can enjoy the coral bumps on the sandy bottom, which will be surrounded by fusilier, bannerfish, and surgeonfish.

Every time we dive Amok, we are guaranteed to have a good time!