Ceningan Wall - Full Pack Scuba Diving Nusa Penida

The dive location of Ceningan is one of our favorites in Bali. Toyapakeh, on Ceningan island’s south coast, is only fifteen minutes away by boat. The dive begins in the vicinity of Crystal Bay. We will determine the entry site and course of action for diving the Ceningan wall based on the day’s circumstances, waves, and currents.

The dive begins with a drop onto a swell-tossed shallow plateau. Surrounded by fusilier, moorish idols, and clownfish, there are already some active coral bumps.


A vertiginous and multicolored wall descends further into the blue. The Ceningan Wall is a collection of species from Nusa Penida. It’s completely covered in corals, sponges, and sea fans, and it’s full of vibrant colors.

Although currents can be hard due to their geographic position, they are a huge value to the growth of fauna and vegetation. Ceningan is a well-known location for macro life. Various species of Nembrotha, Chromodoris, and Flabellina nudibranchs can be spotted. However, there are also Zanzibar shrimp and Pygmy Seahorses. Moray eels, scorpionfish, and stonefish appear to have discovered their ideal habitat while drifting along the wall.


Even if it’s difficult to take a break from staring at that hypnotic and beautiful wall, the deep blue has many surprises. There are schools of big Trevally, tuna, and batfish, as well as families of white-spotted eagle rays if you’re lucky. And, when the water grows cooler, our beloved Mola Mola!

Because to the currents, diving Ceningan necessitates concentration and rigor. Currents and thermoclines, on the other hand, are responsible for transporting all of the sediments and phytoplankton that help to form and preserve places like the Ceningan Wall. Indeed, such a rich array of hues and life has been kept here. The divers will be ecstatic.