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Start your diving professional journey with our PADI programs!

Zero to Pro

No diving certification yet? This program is made for you!

Dive Master Intensive Course

Become a PADI Divemaster in 2-3 weeks!

Divemaster Training

The first step to become a PADI professional diver!

Divemaster: More than just Scuba Diving

During your diving journey, you may discover a passion for contributing more to ocean conservation or sharing your experiences and knowledge with others. 

Becoming a divemaster is the first step and the right option to pursue that newfound passion of yours. Then what’s the next step? Let’s turn your passion into your job! Becoming a divemaster will open up a career that will enable you not only to discover but also protect the ocean further. 

You will be a role model to look up to for scuba divers all around the globe. Your diving knowledge will increase as you progress through the divemaster course, and you will polish your abilities to a professional level so you can foresee and quickly resolve typical scuba diver issues.

Through knowledge development sessions, water skills exercises and workshops and hands-on practical assessment, you will develop your skills to organize and direct various scuba diving activities. 

Anywhere there is water, you can get work as a divemaster with ease. Either stay put and develop into a local diving specialist, or you can make money while traveling the world.

You may have a fulfilling career doing what you love for a living whether you work at a dive shop, hotel, or liveaboard. You are free to explore both the surface and the depths of the globe. Divemaster is, without a debate, the most widely used professional level certification.

Start Your Pro Diver Training

Start training to be a pro diver! We provide you two choices. If you don’t have diving credentials, we suggest you take the From Zero to Pro Divemaster Package.

In a minimum of 2 months, you will complete the Open Water Diver course, the Advanced Open Water Diver course, the Emergency First Response course, the Rescue Diver course and the Dive Master training.

So let’s start your professional diving journey with us!

What Our Students Say

I recently took part in an IDC held by Dune Atlantis Bali. It was excellent and i would like to highlight the great job done by course director Patrick and staff instructor Karl. What i was most impressed with was their focus on not getting us to pass the IDC and the subsequent Instructor Exam, but to create good instructors. I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in doing IDC.


Hard to know where to start. . .

After emailing several dive centres around the world, I decided to do a 2 month Divemaster internship with Atlantis. The emails received from Jerome and Marie were so helpful and friendly, answered my many, many questions and made me feel confident I had chose the right place.

They arranged everything and gave a price that included all required (advanced open water, EFR, Rescue and Divemaster courses, learning materials, equipment rental AND accommodation) – no surprise charges when I got there. They picked me up from the airport, took me to the dive centre for a little tour and then onto my guesthouse – absolutely no stress involved. All the staff – the drivers, the equipment guys, the office girls, the divemasters and instructors were so nice and made me feel relaxed and very welcome straight away.

The scuba equipment and speedboats are in excellent condition and the equipment guys move all the tanks and wash your equipment for each dive so you don’t have to!

All the instructors and divemasters are experienced and very capable as well as friendly and funny. The courses are taught well and they go well beyond what is required from PADI – they want you to be a good divemaster, rather than just a divemaster. The office staff are fantastic and make everything happen – the organisation is always perfect, and there is a lot of organising to do on busy days!

It goes without saying the dive sites in and around Bali are excellent and as a divemaster trainee you get to go to all of them, many many times. I dived almost every day I was there – the only exceptions were when there were classroom/pool days and when I asked for days off to go exploring.

The dive centre, training and equipment are top quality. What really makes Atlantis special though is the people. After a while the staff stopped seeming like staff and more like friends. At the end of the 2 months, I finished the DM course, was originally intending to travel on to Vietnam and Cambodia for my final month of holiday. . . but I was having such a good time with Atlantis, I stayed 🙂 .

At events I heard people from other dive centres referring to the ‘Atlantis family’. . .which to begin with sounded a bit cheesy to me. . .but it’s true and I will miss them all very much. It’s no exaggeration when I say that it was the best three months ever and I can’t wait to get back out there at the earliest opportunity.

I could write for hours, but will stop now. . feel free to ask me for advice 🙂

Thanks for everything Atlantis.

Tom J

The Atlantis dive master intership is a fantastic, hands-on experience that leaves you feeling confident in your skills whether you plan to continue onto IDC or work as a dive master in the industry. In addition to quality education, the people at Atlantis welcome you to their dive family and introduce you to the life in Sanur Beach. You also get to experience a variety of fun dives in addition to their training for the dive master certification.

lina E