Buyuk - Full Pack Scuba Diving Nusa Penida

Buyuk diving site is located at the northern coast of Nusa Penida, just before Tugu, and is a continuation of the Ped, SD point, and Sental dive sites. These five dives are among of Bali’s most spectacular drift dives. Diving in Buyuk begins near the beach. The site of entry is right above a very low plateau.

The coral reliefs are already visible against the white beach. We’ll descend on a gradual slope to drift with the currents. As far as the eye can see, sponges, sea fans, corals, and anemones are all around us.

We make the most of the film by searching for orangutan crabs, nudibranchs, and Thor shrimps. However, we keep a watch out in case Mola Mola or fox sharks appear out of nowhere. A whale shark may also discreetly study us, though this is rare. You may learn more about Bali’s marine life by reading this Nusa Penida diving guide.

When exiting this especially easy and rich dive, wide smiles, stars in the eyes, and visions filling the head are constantly present.

Diving in Buyuk

How to dive Buyuk?

You can dive Buyuk on a Warnakali discovery dive, a PADI certification course, or a fun dive with Warnakali if you are certified.

Buyuk dive site characteristics

  • Type of dive: Falling, drifting, deep, photography, marine biology, trainingDepth: 5 to 40 meters
  • Required level: All levels
  • Visibility: 25 to 30 meters
  • Current: low to moderate
  • Access: 15 minutes of navigation
  • Temperatures: 26 to 30 °
  • Flora: Coral, coral substrate
  • Fauna: Mola-mola, thresher shark, barracuda, Trevally, antennae, shrimp, crab, Nudibranch
  • Best time: Diving all year round

Words of our guests diving Buyuk

I was quite pleased to dive Buyuk, a well-known dive site in Nusa Penida, on the morning of December 31. It is, without a doubt, my favorite form of diving. The sea is calm, and Yann and I are gently pushed along by a slight current. Today, we are the only ones diving there. The circumstances are ideal. So, while I’m taken aback by the decor, Yann’s attention is drawn to the deep blue, where he’s seeking for a large beast.

Then I hear him suddenly knock on his cylinder to grab my attention. Turning around, I’m taken aback to see this magnificent whale shark swimming quietly less than two meters in front of me. Despite the close closeness, this wonderful animal allows us to appreciate him for a few moment before continuing on its path.

What a beautiful and captivating moment ! This dive will certainly be my greatest New Year’s gift of my life. This dive will indeed remain forever engraved in my memory.

Stephanie, December 31, 2019