Batu Bolong - Full Pack Scuba Diving Nusa Penida

Batu Bolong literally translates to “hollow stone.” Because the shape of this rock is so recognizable, we took it as an inspiration for our initial logo. Preparing to dive to Batu Bolong is always a fascinating experience, a blend of excitement and concentration. Since it’s one of Bali’s most popular dive spots! We will go half an hour in the direction of Manta Point from Toyapakeh.

Diving in Batu Bolong


To determine the best entry location, your guide will examine the currents and their strength, as well as the waves and wind. Negative buoyancy entry is the only technique to properly enter the water and begin the dive. That is how the Dune team will always ensure you, regardless of the circumstances. amazing dive site’s natural attractiveness We’ll keep our eyes on our compass even if the drop is quick. The importance of orientation cannot be overstated.

Schools of gold-band fusilier and surgeonfish will guide us deep to the coral rock, which will serve as the site’s starting point and the result of a perfect and safe drop.

Sharks, rays, and mora molas can also be found in Batu Bolong. We’ll be able to see thresher sharks, eagle ray families, and marble rays right there, between our reference rock and the big one, and a hammerhead shark for the lucky one.

A hump on the main wall provides an excellent vantage point for viewing enormous schools of batfish. Trevally with gold spots, grouper, and Mola Mola. We might even see some passing manta rays. The view of both the wall is equally breathtaking. We’ll have octopus, harlequin shrimp, nembrotha, chromodoris, and flabellina.

Goodbye Batu Bolong

The second portion of the dive begins here, heading around the rock. As we drift along the wall, we keep our eyes peeled for a steep terrace where we can see nudibranchs and frogfish. We will come to a safe stop drifting on the open ocean at the end of the dive. Last but not least. With a wide smile, our boat will come to pick us up.