Gamat Bay - Full Pack Scuba Diving Nusa Penida

The Garrat Bay dive site is an 8-meter-deep coral plateau with a wall that drops to 40 meters at the bay’s edge. You’ll feel like you’re in an aquarium on the plateau!

Diving Gamat Bay is like diving in an aquarium

Gamat Bay dive location in Nusa Penida is a vast and shallow coral plateau between two rocky points. A descending slope extends the length. This plateau is 6 to 8 meters deep (a little deeper at high tide), making it ideal for exploratory dives. At the further end of the bay, there is a 40-meter-long wall. Our playground is defined by a sandbank that runs in the direction of the blue. Everyone diving Gamat Bay should take advantage of this incredible playground! As a result, it’s one of our top 20 dive locations in Bali!

Drifting around the reef is the goal here. The site’s terrain, which is distinguished by beautiful coral formations, adds to the dive’s appeal and beauty. Although challenging at times, its privileged location provides an experience rich in underwater flora and fauna, from the smallest to the largest. We frequently saw nudibranchs, turtles, moray eels, batrish and marble ray squads, as well as our beloved Mola Mola. You may learn more about the marine life in Bali by reading our Nusa Penida diving guide.

How to dive Gamat Bay

Gamat Bay is a great place to dive on a Dune exploratory dive, a PADI certification course, or a fun dive if you are already certified.

Gamat Bay is another lovely snorkeling area, but you’ll need to bring your mask, tank, and fins with you. However, be in mind that the beach is unsupervised, and powerful currents can transport you out of the harbor. Fins are required if there is no snorkeling boat in the bay. And please, unlike many tourists who are unable to swim, do not stroll on the coral. It’s not good for your feet, and it’s not good for the coral. Learn more about Gamat Bay and how to get there by car by reading this article.

The characteristic of Gamat Bay dive site

  • Type of diving : photography, macro, buoyancy, for experienced diver : drift dive at the exit of bay
  • Depth: 6 to 40 meters
  • Level required: all levels
  • Visibility: 15-25 meters
  • Current: mild to strong
  • Access: 10 minutes navigation from Toyapakeh
  • Temperature: 18 to 23 degrees
  • Fauna: Mola Mola, reef shark, Marble Ray, ghost pipe, frogfish, nudibranchs
  • Flora: Coral, Sandbar
  • Best time: All year