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Our Story

Founded in 1997 in Safaga, Egypt, Dune is a key diving worldwide operator. Each year, thousands of customers dive with us around the planet and live the most wonderful experience they have ever had. Trust French quality services to make all your dreams come true!

Our vision

Make diving and other aquatic activities accessible for everyone : Ocean for all and all for Ocean !

Our strengths


Dune’s founder, Gérard Besse, is very open-minded and his positiveness drives the company into sharing such values with customers by putting people at the very heart of its activities.

Our guides

Our experienced teams of professionals are the key of a successful trip. Highly enthusiastic and dedicated, their objective is to share with divers their knowledge for the underwater wonders. 

Safety and quality standards

With more than 20 years of experience and several boats around the world, we ensure our clients to bring together all the elements of a perfect dive vacation for an exceptional value.