Toyapakeh - Full Pack Scuba Diving Nusa Penida

Toyapakeh is one of Nusa Penida’s most stunning dive sites, appropriate for all abilities with a skilled guide and highly popular with macro fans. For macro enthusiasts, diving in Toyapakeh is a fantastic experience.

Toyapakeh diving is like diving at home. The dive location is located in Nusa Penida, just down the road from the Dune Penida dive facility. It’s one among Ball’s top 20 dive locations. A little coral plateau with a depth of 4 to 6 meters is also a snorkeling spot. There are two terraces after this plateau. The first terrace reaches a depth of 12 to 15 meters. The depth of the second terrace is approximately 40 meters. The water is crystal pure, and the coral is abundant, making it a popular dive location. Also, while being relatively exposed, the bay provides some protection from the strait’s powerful current.

Diving in Toyapakeh

In shallow water, we enter the water under the “Tree.” The coral’s colors are already stunning from the surface. The layout is made up of stairs that lead us from one plateau to the next, then into Toyapakeh’s signature blue. Toyapakeh can be reached in a variety of ways. One option is to drift along the wall towards Gamat Bay. We can experiment with the currents because of the extraordinary geography. We’ll float along the magnificent gardens with many staghorn corals in the direction of SD point. Every dive has its unique set of surprises, which are always colorful!

Toyapakeh dive site flora and fauna

The dive site at Toyapakeh is relatively large, allowing for extended dives regardless of current strength. It’s a stunning coral plateau with vibrant colors.

You’ll find a protected location with large gorgonians and soft coral shrubs directly in front of Dune Penida. The Mommies build a lovely structure, and the entire region is brimming with life: schools of various kinds, soft corals, and healthy hard corals.

We enjoy diving at Toyapakeh because of the huge variety of flora and animals. Platax, fusiliers, sweetlips, and jacks abound. Tunas and enormous trevallies can frequently be seen in the sea. During the season, we might run into a Tv!pia Molar there as well. The flora is diverse, and you can see crabs, shrimp, and nudibranchs in abundance. Toyapakeh dive site is ideal for macro photographers.

Diving Toyapakeh with Dune Penida dive center

You can dive at Toyapakeh with Dune during a discovery dive, a PADI course dive or, if you are certified, during a fun dive.

The characteristic of  Toyapakeh dive site

  • Type of diving: drift, macro
  • Depth: 5 to 40 meters
  • Level required: all levels 
  • Visibility: 15-25 meters
  • Current: moderate to strong
  • Access: 2 minutes navigation 
  • Fauna and flora : Coral, Mola Mola, Platax, giant trevally fish, frogfish, shrimps, crabs, nudibranchs
  • Best time: All year