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Nusa Penida’s north shore has some of Bali’s most magnificent drift diving. Around the same location, five dive spots stand out. Walls in SD, PED, Sental, and Tugu. The PED dive location is close to SD and is named for the city of PED and its sacred temple. PED diving is always a memorable experience. You might even meet a Mola Mola!

Like the other four sites described, this one is a drift dive. The current does indeed carry us throughout the site. Keep an eye out for downdrafts and pull-out currents. When diving with the appropriate guide, the primary priority will always be safety!

You can also cross Mola Mola diving Ped!

PED dive site is made up of a large, shallow plateau with a rich flora and fauna. This place is quite popular with turtles, and we see them frequently. A wall leads us to the seabed as we follow the plateau. Here. During the season, there is a good probability of encountering a Mola-Mola. We even saw one in late November, well past the end of the season. At the Ped dive location, however, we have a record of three Mola Molas calmly following each other!

The optimal depth to enjoy the majority of the diving site is 18 to 20 meters. The macro is everywhere, and it’s a colorful explosion! Because it confounds several areas, the area remains incredibly wide and expansive. We will be able to extend our dives until we reach SD point by diving Ped. When the current pulls us really fast, we can do two dive locations in one dive! Read this Nusa Penida diving guide to learn more about Bali’s aquatic life.

During the dive, the currents may change direction, but this is not an issue because we will be going back and forth. Downdrafts can occur under unusual settings. We shall be extremely cautious when advising in these situations.

The characteristic of PED dive site

  • Type of diving: wall, drift, deep, photography, marine biology
  • Depth: 5 to 40 meters
  • Level required: all levels
  • Visibility: 25-30 meters
  • Current: weak to moderate
  • Access: 15 minutes navigation from Toyapakeh
  • Fauna and Flora: Mola Mola, reef shark, barracuda, trevally, shrimp, crab, nudibranchs
  • Best time: All year