Jerome started diving in Spain when he was eight years old and hasn't stopped ever since. He has traveled the world to follow his passion for diving. After all of his adventures, teaching diving in the Maldives, Thailand, Philippines and Spain, drinking (fruit juices) and partying in every port between Marseille and Hong Kong, he finally settled down in the magical island of Bali.

In 1996 he opened Atlantis Diving Bali. When this busy man takes a break from his hectic schedule, he likes to surf and golf. He can teach you diving from the very basics all the way up to becoming an Instructor. He is also a specialty instructor for deep, night, wreck, navigation, underwater naturalist, drift, boat, photography, first Aid, IDC Internship Bali, and CPR diving courses.

Jerome speaks French, English, Brazilian, Spanish and Indonesian.

Jérôme MSDT #917819 Director

A lawyer by profession, Camille, born and raised in Carcassonne, has been in the profession for 4 years, in the South of France in Montpellier. After discovering diving in Australia in 2003, she got her first diving certification (Level 1 and 2) in France. Then, feeling like she wanted something different, she moved to the South of Egypt in 2009 , in Marsa Alam, Red Sea where she lived for 3 years and a half and became a PADI Instructor in 2012.

Having heard much about Bali, this fervent diving lover visited the Island of Gods for the first time in 2013 and "fell in love" with Bali as much for its seabed than for its earthly treasures! She finally decided to settle down in Bali in 2014 and joined the Atlantis International Bali team in June. She is in charge of all Operational and Guest Relations. She ensures, with her logistic team, that "everything goes" for you while sharing her passion with her smile and her good mood. Her favourite quote: "If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it is lethal" Paulo Coelho.

Camille speaks French, English, Spanish, basic German and Egyptian Arabic.

Camille OWSI #299121 Operation & Guests Relations Manager

Originally from France, Patrick spent most of his life in the mountains working as a mountain/skiing rescuer, in the summer and winter. In 1997 he discovered Scuba Diving and thus had a reason to travel the world.

A PADI Instructor since August 1998, Patrick has been diving/teaching in different areas like Tunisia, Egypt, Thailand, Mexico, Honduras, Belize, Malta, Maldives, Indonesia, Philippines…
He is a versatile and experienced PADI Instructor who has over 1500 Professional certifications.

Since 2006 his goal is to teach IDC and he does it with passion, professionalism and a lot of fun. Having a lot of experience in Tec, Sidemount and Cave diving, Patrick will pass on valuable information to you, not only to successfully pass your Instructor Exam but also to make you a better diver. He is the kind of teacher that will not just teach you what you need to know, he'll always give you more, more of his time, more of his knowledge, more of his patience and precious support, always available, always kind and helpful. Patrick is definitely 100% dedicated to his job.

Capable to teach both in English and French, doing an IDC and/or Tec/Sidemout with him is a guarantee of quality education and personal attention.

Patrick 30+ PADI Instructor/Trainer qualifications Course Director

This young lady sure knows what she wants in life. Graduated Top of her class at the University of Denpasar, Eka is now part of the Atlantis International team for many years now. In English or French, she will guide you through the administrative tasks. She manages all the logistic of the dive center with her organizational and caring nature. Her warm smile will give you a fair idea of the typical polite and friendly Balinese manners.

Eka speaks Indonesian, English and French.

Eka Administration & logistic

Originally from Klungkung, located east of Bali, Asti graduated from Tourism Training Centre (Mapindo). Working within our administrative and logistic team. You will appreciate her warm and maternal personality. There are no secrets in the complex flavors of Balinese cuisine that she is not aware of.

Asti speaks Indonesian and English

Asti Administration & Logistic

She's proud to be Balinese. She is from Tabanan Bali but lives in Denpasar. She fell in love with diving a few years ago and is now an Advanced Diver.

She joined our Logistic team in 2014 and she will put in all of her efforts to make your diving experience in Bali unforgettable! She will welcome you with her nice smile and is always ready to help.

Ayu speaks Indonesian and English.

Ayu AOWD Administration & Logistic

This Javanese woman fell in love with Bali and has joined us since October 2009. Eveline is our administrative and accountant manager. She speaks English and recently French. Her daily good mood makes her our very own sunshine!

Eveline speaks Indonesian, English and some French.

Eveline Administration & accounting

Born in Angoulême, in the south of France, François has been working for several years in Paris as a press secretary. During his holidays in Bali to become a Dive Master with Atlantis International, he fell in love with the seabeds of the island. Now, he lives in Bali and works for Atlantis as instructor for 5 years already!

François speaks French, English, and is learning Indonesian.

François Master Instructor #303013 Instructor

Born in Antibes in the south of France, Karl spent a few years working as a Barman in his own region.
During his holidays in Bali, he decided to get his Dive Master certification with Atlantis, then, he made the decision to continue his diving education and become a PADI instructor. During his training as Instructor, he met his Balinese wife and he is now living with her in Sanur with their beautiful baby son!

He joined the Atlantis International team as an Instructor after his IDC and will be pleased to teach you from beginner level up to Dive master. He is also now in charge of the Dive master trainees.

Karl speaks French, English, and Indonesian.

Karl IDC Staff Instructor #315999 Instructor

Robby is a free soul from Surabaya, East Java who wants to explore the world. Now he has settled in Bali and fell in love with diving. He became a professional who can help you to discover the magnificent underwater world of Bali, if necessary he will take all the time to guide you to explore the amazing underwater world. You will certainly benefit from the huge diving knowledge of Robby.

Robby speaks Indonesian and English.

Robby IDC Staff #330415 Instructor

Having worked with Atlantis for more than 5 years as a Divemaster, this local boy from Kuta is a real passionate diver. He began his diving journey more than 20 years ago, and wasn't able to stop! Kadek dove all around the world (Japan , Guam, Honolulu , Australia and a lot of other sites).

He is always delighted to teach diving and to pass on his passion, especially to make fellow divers discover the magnificent sea life of Bali. He is excellent in spotting those small fishes and knows the seas around Bali like no other which is especially important in some of the advanced diving sites Bali has to offer.

Kadek speaks Indonesia, English and some French.

Kadek AI #256073 Assistant Instructor

From Tukad Mungga, near Singaraja, Putu is Kadek's nephew and he joined Atlantis team few years ago.
He is a big time sportsman, often taking time after work to kick around a soccer ball with his co-workers.

You will fall in love with his smile and his jovial personality. His life in Atlantis Bali shows confidence, naturalness, energy and fun!!!
He is the youngest among Atlantis Team and he is our "petit Putu" :)

Putu speaks Indonesian, English and some French.

Putu DM #311965 Dive Master

Balinese native (from Sanur), Depu is a PADI Dive Master since 2005. He dove on the islands of Komodo, Sumbawa and Moyo Sontana Sabayor ... However, Bali is his absolute favourite! Between windsurfing and scuba diving, he prefers diving.

Always smiling, you will undoubtedly have an enjoyable experience exploring the seabed of Bali with this friendly member of Atlantis!
Depu speaks Indonesian and English.

Depu DM #484164 Dive Master

In progress

Yoga Equipment

This king young man is responsible of the Equipment. He will help you to prepare and organise your equipment at the center every morning before going to the dive site. He comes from Negara, a village in the northern side of the island. He works for Atlantis since 2005.

Ngurah speaks Indonesian, English and a little bit French.

Ngurah Equipment

In Progress

Putu-Agus Driver

A native of Karangasem, located in east Bali, Made will pick you up at your residence or hotel before bringing you to the Atlantis office. Made and his friendly, caring and cooperative personality will enhance the quality of your experience with us.

Made speaks Indonesian and English.

Made Driver

Originally from Bali, he knows the roads better than anyone! Do not worry, despite the traffic, he will guide you safely wherever you want.

Dewa speaks Indonesian and English.

Dewa Driver

He has been the captain of the Atlantis boat for more than 3 years now. This experienced captain has already worked on another boat before joining us. He is Balinese, specifically originating from Sanur. His wife has a little souvenir shop on the beach just in front of where our boat is. You can appreciate his skills when you get off the boat at the end of the dive. He's extremely reliable when the sea and weather conditions get bad.

Surya speaks Indonesian and English.

Surya Captain Atlantis 1

He's the mechanic assistant of our captain. Wayan will be on board for all of the diving journeys. He's also from Sanur bay, where he grew up and learned how to navigate. He will help you put on your equipment and go in and out of the water.

Wayan speaks Indonesian and English.

Wayan Skipper Atlantis 1

In Progress

Made Captain Atlantis 2

In Progress

Komang Skipper Atlantis 2

(Mr. Ketut in Indonesian) is the doyen of our team. He's like our very own local MacGyver! He has joined Atlantis for over 5 years now. A Balinese from Gianyar, he left in 1975 to settle in Sanur. His countless adventures and professional experience makes his character very interesting! This man of many skills is always smiling and helpful. The reparations he makes are worthy of the greatest professionals.

Ketut speaks Indonesian and English.

Pak Ketut General Affairs

From Sanur, Made Romeo is the computer technician and consultant for Atlantis. Since 2005, Romeo has given us great help on the network! He likes to surf the net and play online in his spare time.

Romeo speaks Indonesian and English.

Romeo IT Computer

After sunset, you might meet our smiley, funny and reassuring night watchman! This brave member of Atlantis likes to bait fish by day on the beaches south of Sanur.

Made speaks Indonesian and English.

Made Security


Moka Security