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Island of The Gods: The Best Diving Spots in Bali

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Table of Contents

Bali offers an endless charm of beauty. From beaches, lakes, mountains to temples. If we talk about the beaches, the beaches that this island offers are countless. Sitting on the beach, playing sand, playing water sports, or surfing are some examples of popular activities to do while you’re on the beach.

Beneath the hustle and bustle on the surface, there is hidden beauty that is incomparable beneath the surface. No wonder, Bali is often mentioned as a paradise by divers. The divers come all the way to this island to do scuba diving to enjoy the underwater beauty that this island has to offer.

Now, check it out to get information about the best diving spots in Bali!

Scuba Diving at The Best Diving Spots in Bali

Many people must be wondering, is it possible to do scuba diving in Bali for those who have never done scuba diving? The answer is very likely. Whether for those who are already certified or for those who are going to do scuba diving for the first time, scuba diving in Bali can be done by choosing the right diving spot. 

Introduction Divers

For those who are going to do scuba diving for the first time, you will definitely be taught first how to use a scuba set. And of course, the chosen diving spot is not too deep. And while diving, you will always be accompanied by an instructor. Don’t worry, the underwater beauty is still incomparable.


Sanur Beach is located east of the city of Denpasar, Bali. This beach is a popular place to enjoy the sunrise. It has quite calm waves. The dive sites are just a few minutes away from the shore. So, it’s suitable for those who are beginners and don’t have much time. 

  • Sanur Channel

Sanur Channel is located right inside the channel and one of the ideal dive sites for diving training. It has large coral reefs that stretch along the edge of the channel that descends onto a large sandy platform. Here, you can find colorful coral life, such as nudibranchs, moray eels, blue-spotted rays, sea snakes, lionfish and many more.

  • Jaya de Willis

Jaya de Willis is located in East Sanur with a depth of about three meters to about twenty meters. Here, it’s easy to spot a variety of beautiful corals which are home to many rays, nudibranchs, octopuses, scorpion fishes and many more. But it must be noted, the currents here can be strong so it is recommended to dive at low tide.

  • Penjor Reef

To reach Penjor Reef, it only takes a few minutes from Sanur beach by boat. The volume of macro life here is so incredible that there’s no need to be afraid of not being able to see if the visibility is poor. Here you can find blue-spotted stingrays, batfish, lionfish, nudibranchs, moray eels and many more.

Padang Bai

Padang Bai is located on the east coast of Bali, or fifty minutes drive from Sanur. It has many dive sites such as Blue Lagoon, Jepun, Jetty, and many mores.These dive sites are suitable for those who are beginners.

  • Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon is famous for its crystal clear waters, bright white sandy bottom and beautiful coral reefs with lots of brightly colored fish. There’s a lot to see here, you can find napoleon wrasse, several types of reef sharks, rockfish, morays, blue ribbon eels, nudibranchs, rays, squid, octopus, leaf scorpionfish, stargazers and many more. No wonder, this dive site is very popular for photographers because of its depth and quality of marine lifes.

Certificated Divers

For divers who already have a diving certificate, these diving spots are suitable for you to dive to a depth of 20 meters and more.

Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is located near the Lombok Strait, just a forty five minute boat ride from Sanur port. Scuba diving here can be challenging so it’s suitable for professional divers. 

  • Toya Pakeh

Toya Pakeh has clear waters and a beautiful stretch of coral with great visibility. This dive site has protection from strong currents flowing through the deep channel between Nusa Penida and Nusa Ceningan. However currents can change quickly, so you must be aware.

  • Crystal Bay

Crystal Bay has beautiful corals and stunningly clear waters that make this dive site become a favorite dive site all year around and especially during Mola Mola season. You can find Mola-Mola if you go down to the sandy bottom and then onto the pristine soft coral towards the corner.

  • Manta Point

Manta Point is located in the southwest corner of Nusa Penida and is the furthest dive site in Nusa Penida from the port of Sanur. Here, you can find manta rays, which have a unique black color. You can also find blue-spotted rays on the sandy bottom.


Tulamben is famous for the USAT Liberty Wreck. However, diving in Tulamben is not limited to the USAT Liberty Wreck, there are many other sites, all very different and have an incredible wealth of marine life.

  • USAT Liberty Wreck

The USAT Liberty Wreck is located just 40 meters from the beach which became the most accessible wreck. The combination of torpedoes and volcanic eruptions caused this ship to be stranded in shallow water. The wreck is decorated with healthy corals, sea fans and large barrel sponges.

  • Drop Off

A short swim into a wall that eventually descends to more than 70 meters. The walls are covered in beautiful sponges and gorgonian fans. Here, you can find a large purple gorgonian, lionfish, crabs, moray eels, frogfish and many more.

That’s the information about the best diving spots in Bali. What are you waiting for, come to Bali and explore the best diving spots here!