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Diving With Buddy, More Fun & Safer

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For some divers, a diving buddy is a must-have whenever they go underwater. The reasons are pretty straightforward and reasonable, one is to share the fun down there with someone close to us, and another is to keep us safe from all the dangers waiting for us in the depth of the sea (or lakes).

For the latter, it is proven that solo diving is dangerous and can end up in a tragedy. Please look at this case, for example, where a 68-year-old diver in Australia went missing for 15 hours in shark-infested water (he was later found alive). Take another look at this case where a diver was found dead after diving alone in Millerton Lake. Furthermore, the statistics from “Diving Medicine for Scuba Divers” found that 86% of divers who died were alone. This data, however, could also mean that they either dived without a buddy or, at some technical problems, were separated from them. Either way, solo diving is more dangerous than diving with someone else.

Diving alone VS diving with a buddy

For some divers, having a dive buddy is essential to underwater. The reasons are quite simple, one is to share the fun of diving with someone, and the other is to protect us from the dangers of the deep sea.

Divers who dive alone always have good diving skills and good equipment. If this is the case, then we might think it is better to dive alone than with a buddy who cannot handle potential problems underwater.

However, regardless of a diver’s skills, the sea is still very dangerous – let’s not forget that it is a natural element we cannot control.

What is a Buddy System?

A buddy system is when we have one or two recurring dive buddies. These people we trust become our partners for our future dives. They will guarantee our safety and vice versa. Each one watches the other and helps each other in case of problems. For example, if diver A gets caught in a fishing line, diver B can help him to free himself.

In conclusion, find a buddy with whom you can dive safely, and don’t dive alone!

And if you don’t have a buddy, you can always come to Dune Bali, where we have professionals who have dived hundreds of times and will accompany you on your dive to the most beautiful places of Bali’s underwater world!

How to Find a Diving Buddy

Many divers dive alone because they cannot find their buddy. You can find them on the net, but the best way is to go to a dive center.

Joining a dive club is the easiest way to find a dive buddy. You will meet divers of all levels interested in different types of diving, such as night diving and others. In addition, divers can also share stories.

Dont Dive Alone, Dive With a Diving Buddy

Having a difficult time finding one? Dive with Dune, and we will accompany your dives in all your underwater adventure!