October 14th: Nyepi Laut – Quiet Seas | Atlantis Bali Diving

October 14th: Nyepi Laut – Quiet Seas

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Bali is an island with a beautiful culture and that includes tons of traditions. Nyepi Laut is one of these traditions, where the inhabitants of the islands Nusa Penida, Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Lembongan pay their respect to Dewa Baruna, the ruler of the seas.

Every year on the fourth full moon of the Balinese calendar, all marine activities around these islands cease. No one will fish, swim, snorkel or dive. No boats will come or to any of the islands and no boats will leave. This ritual has been performed in this region since 1600. Even though the sea is quiet on Nyepi Laut, there are still many things to do on the islands. Many colorful ceremonies and rituals will be performed and can be visited. There’s also a local market for 3 days, where people sell local foods and drinks, as well as clothing and toys.

Out of respect for cultures and traditions, on October 14th, Dune Atlantis will not send out any boats in the direction of these islands. It is possible to dive on Nusa penida on the 13 th or 15 th if your dates are flexible, alternatively we still go diving everywhere else in Bali on this day. For the thrill seekers, there is a day trip to Gili Mimpang/Tepekong in Bali where it is also possible on occasion to see Mola Mola, as well as other amazing species of fish.