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Sanur.. Why Choose To Stay Here?

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Bali, the island of gods, has been climbing very fast. the list of most popular holiday destinations in the world. The reason for this is the diversity of activities and leasures it has to offer which will suit all kind of travellers. Whether you’re a backpacker, a family with kids, an adventurous or luxurious traveller, Bali has it all. When booking your holiday to Bali, it is important to know where you want to stay. In this blog we will give you several reasons why you should choose to stay in Sanur.

Easy to reach from the airport

If you do not reach Bali by boat, you will definitely reach the island by plane and start your holiday from the airport. After a long and exhausting flight, most people prefer to reach their hotel, villa, or guest house as soon as possible to rest and relax. And with only a distance of 16 kilometers from the airport, it will take between 20 to 25 minutes to reach your end destination.


With over 6 millions tourists per year, Bali is relatively crowded every day of the year. Of course not everyone likes crowded places and is here to relax and clear their mind. Therefore it is preferable to avoid places like Kuta, Seminyak and Canggu that are full of noisy backpackers and partying people. In the meanwhile, Sanur is very calm and relaxing and offers restaurant/bars with live music to still enjoy your evenings.

Kids friendly

When travelling with kids, parents want them to enjoy their time, be safe and be in a kids friendly surrounding. Sanur has it all, parents with kids can enjoy their time playing at the beach, visiting for example Peek A Boo Kid’s Play Cafe or do other activities.

Gentle wave beaches

Contrary to the South and South West coast of Bali with the perfect big waves for surfers, Sanur’s beaches have gentle waves for a perfect swim. This is of course much safer than swimming surrounded by surfers and their surfboards. The calm sea is also perfect for paddle boarding if you like to do this.

Water activities

Because Sanur is located on the East coast of the island and has good ocean conditions, there are several water activities you can do. From diving to paddle boarding on the calm water or swimming with baby sharks in the artificial “Shark Island” in Serangan as well as other water sports like windsurfing and kite surfing at Mertasari beach, you’ll never run out of thing to do in the area.
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Take the boat to surrounding islands

While enjoying your favorite drink on Sanur beach you always get this gorgeous view on the surrounding island of Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan and may have wunder how to get there. There are some magnificent spots to visit there and you can easily do it in a one day trip as the majority of boat leave from Sanur.

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