Why diving in Padang Bay ? | Atlantis Bali Diving


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Located on the East coast of Bali, Padang Bay is a charming port town with white sand beach. At less than one hour from Sanur, this dive site welcomes divers of every level all year. 

It’s one of the best spots for people wishing to try diving, thanks to  perfect conditions : perfect visibility, weak current, water at around 27 degrees. 

After a few minutes of boat ride, you will discover the turquoise water of Blue Lagoon. The dive is from a jukung, a traditional boat, in a protected bay. You can see a lot of beautiful corals, an abundant marine life and even sometimes reef sharks. Night dives are also interesting for more experienced divers to see Spanish dancers, morays, shrimps and more. 

Jepun is another site well-known for its artificial reef and a small shipwreck of a speedboat. 

There are a lot of lionfish, frog fish, box fish and nudibranch. Sometimes, you will meet a mini submarine with tourists looking at you with large eyes. For this site, you need to be a certified diver because the depth is from 10 to 25 meters. 

Don’t hesitate to join us for a try diving or a day trip to explore the amazing underwater world of Padang Bai. It’s also a good spot to do snorkeling.