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Bali, The Island Of Flowers And Birds

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Bali is an island full of flowers. You will meet many Balines with a flower behind the ear or in the hair. Indeed in Hindu culture flowers are used for offerings. Each flower variety has a different meaning and corresponds to a God.

The most representative flower of the island of the Gods is the frangipani flower, called “Jepun”. This flower with a nice smell represents the goddess Shiva, goddess of the earth. As a sign of fidelity, brides put frangipani flowers in their hair. Fragrances and oils are created from this delicate smell. Do not hesitate to get some in memory of your visit to Bali.

In many temples around Bali, you can see beautiful Lotus on the water. These are also considered sacred because they represent the three elements: the roots are in the earth, the leaves in the water and the flower in the air. You will also be able to find a multitude of other flowers, with a thousand different perfumes and colors.

Bali is also full of colorful Birds. Indonesia is the owner of 1594 species of birds and it the fifth largest country in the world of 10,000 species of animals that are now breeding. One of the birds you are likely to see here in Bali is the Raja Udang Meninting. This is a small bird measuring 15 cm that most likes visiting rivers, lakes, and trees. Their nest is usually seen on the banks of the river. Funny fact: This red-legged bird strongly dislikes the waters and polluted wetlands!

Another bird that you are likely to encounter when you are in Bali is the Jalak Bali.  This bird has a size of about 25 centimeters, black wings tips and white feathers. Her singing is beautiful and her charming eye color makes this bird a unique appearance. 

Last but not least, you have the bright green Cucak Ijo. This bird gets his name because this bird is very identical to the color green, even almost all of its body is green. This type of green Cucak bird often lives in trees and forest areas that are still beautiful. 

Despite the beauty on land, we also offer trips for you to discover the wonderful underwater world with it’s flora and fauna! Curios? Check out our  daily dive trips below: