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Discover The Beauty Of Indonesia Through A Cruise

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With more than 17 000 islands, Indonesia is the biggest archipelago of the world and this one a good place to do a trip in cruise. Moreover, this activity is one of the best way to explore the archipelago and do to the must-do things during a trip in Indonesia. Wheter with family, friends or in couple, this trip promises you unforgettable memories. Over this adventure, the visitors can have a lot of discoveries to do that can be natural, traditional and cultural. To begin the trip, the backpackers can do an adventure in boat between Bali and Flores. This itinerary permits them to visit the little Sonde islands. Those one have hidden waterfall, volcanos, deserts beaches with white sand and an amazing sea bed. After this trip, the boats will continue and pass through Paradise islands like Gili, Sumbawa, Flores, Komodo and Moyo. Otherwise, during this escapade, they have the possibility do to trek and ramble to see fisherman villages, waterfalls, impressives lakes and the huge monitor lizard (Dragons). This is an amazing experience to do.

A Cruise From Flores To Moluques

The backpackers can continue their road trip and go to the Moluques through by the South of Sulawesi. On the road, they will discover a volcano emerging from the Banda Sea. On the same way, they will go through the Archipelago of Tukang Besi, where they can find an amazing diving site. This destination, called Wakatatobi, is one unavoidable site that you cannot miss during a trip in Indonesia. It is one of the most beautiful underwater sanctuaries of the world. More than 1000 species of fish and 750 species of corals are present, a real paradise for the divers. Some amazing underwater specimens are present too, included little seahorses, dolphins, rays, turtles, tuna bench, barracudas and parrot fish. The backpackers will not miss to visit the Banda Islands. It is a volcanic Archipelago famous for its natural beauty and the spices. Arriving at Moluques, the globetrotters will enjoy an amazing landscape with forest and mountains. That is impressive.

Explore The Eastern Papua

To finish this Indonesian trip, why not discover the Eastern Papua? This province is situated in the extreme east part of New Guinea. You can find the best paradise places, the islands of Raja Ampat, which means “4 kings”. This archipelago is very famous for their sea bed of an amazing beauty. The wildlife there is one of the most beautiful in the world and one of the most diversified. Moreover, we can find more than 75% of the corals species there, and some of them are intact. In this place, tourists and visitors can do snorkeling and diving. To reach this site, they have to go by the city of Sorong and take a boat from there. But, it is an advice, the travelers should not organize their trip between the months of December and February, it is the rain season. Concerning the clothes, it is recommend taking light clothes that you wear during summer because it is a tropical destination with a mild climate all the year.