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Let’s work together and let’s try to keep the ocean as clean as possible in 2020! With a few small adjustments to your daily life, you can already help the ocean to stay clean and the fish healthy!

Reef friendly sunscreen

We all know that it’s important to wear sunscreen, we want to protect our skin and use sunscreen on a daily basis.  One important thing that not a lot people know, is that using sunscreen does a lot of damage to the world around us. A recent study showed that about 14,000 tons of sunscreen ends up in reefs worldwide. This can lead to bleaching, damaged DNA and abnormal skeleton growth in coral. Try to use reef safe sunscreen instead, to protect your skin, but also keep the reefs and ocean clean!

A few names of Reef safe sunscreen:

  • Badger SPF 30 Active Mineral Sunscreen Cream for Face and Body
  • All Good Sport Sunscreen Lotion
  • Alba Botanica Sensitive Fragrance Free Mineral Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30

Reduce plastic

Unfortunately, there is still a lot of plastic laying around the beaches and in the ocean of Bali. Although, plastic straws and bags are already banned in Bali since last year, we still use a lot of plastic in our daily lives. By adjusting small habits, we can all work together to reduce plastic as much as possible!  For example: Buy a reusable coffee cup for your daily morning coffee, so you don’t have the use the disposable cups. Same for a reusable water bottle! Also, if you like to get food take away, try to find a reusable box for your favorite Bungkus. 

Join an ocean clean up

Because we consume so much plastic in our daily life’s, unfortunately some of this plastic ends up in the ocean. Yearly, there are a lot of different beach clean ups around the whole island. Just by joining, you can help keep the wonderful ocean life healthy! Little effort, big results! 

A few weeks ago, Dune Atlantis organized a beach clean-up as well. You can read all about it in the blog of last week (Beach and ocean clean up Sanur)!

We at Dune Atlantis wish you the best wishes for 2020 and a happy new year. We would love to see you again in 2020! 

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