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PADI Open Water: The First And Most Popular Level Of Scuba Diving

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Table of Contents

If you aspire to become a professional diver, or if you are just curious and want to explore the underwater world, the PADI Open Water Course is for you.

The PADI Open Water Bali diving course certification is the first Diving level, you will follow the course under the supervision of an instructor. This certification is recognized all over the world and is designed for first time divers or for those who have done “Try Diving” but are not yet certified. It allows you to dive to a maximum PADI Open Water depth Bali of 18 meters. It’s the world’s most popular diving course, for some good reasons: The Open Water Course teaches you the foundation and skills you need to become a competent diver. You will acquire a wealth of both theory and practical knowledge in order to dive safely and securely.This course is also a necessity if you want to become a professional diver.

If you are an ocean lover, read the below reasons you should do your PADI Open Water 🙂


The Open Water Course help you to build your confidence underwater and teaches you all the essentials scuba diving knowledge, water skills, or environmental awareness.


Lots of dive sites, require a minimum level due to diving conditions that might be challenging (currents, visibility, depth, etc.). In the PADI Open Water course, you will learn how to handle these different conditions.


Completing the Open Water Course allows you to explore different dive sites all around the world. In Bali, around Nusa Penida / Lembongan, you may encounter some pelagic fish such as the famous Mola Mola, also called Sunfish, or the majestic  Manta Rays. 

Ready to join our PADI OPEN WATER course?

During your 4 days doing the PADI Open Water course Bali, you will learn how to use standard diving equipment and the course will also give you basic diving skills needed to safely explore the underwater world.
Before coming to our dive shop, you will have a day dedicated to self study. The next morning you will start the course in our center,  with a PADI Instructor, and you will review five modules that cover diving theory and practice and in the end, you will complete one final exam. In the afternoon, you will complete confined water dives practicing basic safety and dive skills in the pool. The following 2 days are spent in different diving locations to complete your 4 open water dives in the ocean (Day 3 and 4).

Upon completion, you will be certified as a PADI Open Water.

Padi Open Water | Atlantis Bali Diving