PADI Open water Bali diving course, the first level of scuba diving


The PADI Open Water Bali diving course certification allows you to dive to a maximum Padi Open Water depth Bali of 18 metres under the supervision of a dive guide (or autonomously with a dive buddy, according to local law). This certification is recognized all over the world and is designed for first time divers or for those who have done “Try Diving” but are not yet certified.

During your Padi Open Water course Bali, you will learn how to use standard diving equipment. The course will give you basic diving knowledge and skills needed to safely explore the underwater world.

Before starting the Padi Open Water course Bali, you will have to self-study (Day 1 - DVD to watch, book to read, or online independent study through PADI eLearning). With a PADI Instructor, you will review and discuss five modules that cover dive theory and practice and complete one final exam, after which you will complete five confined water dives practicing basic safety and dive skills in the pool (Day 2).The following 2 days are spent in Tulamben (a world-renowned diving location) to complete your 4 open water dives in the ocean (Day 3 and 4). The open water dives are conducted on the renowned dive site of the mythical USAT Liberty shipwreck in Tulamben in water ranging from 27-30 degrees.

Our partner hotel will welcome you for the night, equipped with a pool and an open-air, but shaded restaurant facing the ocean.

Upon completion, you will be certified as a PADI Open Water Bali.

The PADI Open Water diving course Bali is composed of three steps:


  • Theory and knowledge development with a PADI Instructor (Self study: DVD to watch, book to read, or online independent study through PADI eLearning) to understand the basic principles of scuba diving.
  • Skill practice in confined water to learn the basic safety techniques of scuba diving.
  • Diving in open water to apply the basic techniques learned in the pool and to explore the underwater world.




  1. Day 1: Self study at your hotel – Watch a DVD (3,5 hours) and answer knowledge reviews
  2. Day 2: Theory and pool session in Sanur at Dune Atlantis International Bali dive Center
  3. Day 3: 2 dives from the shore in the Ocean in Tulamben
  4. Day 4: 2 dives from the shore in the Ocean in Tulamben


Did you love your experience and would like to continue your diving adventure?

Continue to explore the underwater world and become a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver (over 2-3 days) or a PADI Specialty Diver (over 1-3 days)!


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