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The Beauty Of Tulamben, Beyond Diving

In the North-east coast of Bali, you can find the small fisherman’s village Tulamben. The name Tulamben is derived from the word batu lambih, witch roughly means “many stones”. This is reference to the destructive eruptions by Mount Agung, that have affected this part of Bali back in 1963 and before. Tulamben is one of the most well-known dive locations in Bali, because you can find the USAT liberty Shipwreck here and many other underwater creatures (see our blog ‘USAT liberty Shipwreck for more information).

Tulamben is also a great place to visit when you want to explore the city, instant of the underwater world. You can go to the well-known Rumah Pohontree house. Tulamben tree house became famous, due to the incredible panorama that you can capture which create a unique perspective.

Another very nice place to go is Tirta Gangga water palace. When you visite the Tirta Gangga water palace, there are three main interests points that you will see, the beautiful garden, the Balinese sculpture, and the water ponds.

If you want to visit one of the best hidden white sand beaches in the east of Bali, you should visit Virgin Beach PerasiKarangasem. If you are in Tulamben, you will need 1-hour drive to get the location of Virgin Beach. The beaches in Tulamben are different form other beaches in Bali, they are covered with fairly large, but smooth volcano stones.

If you like to go for a diving trip to Tulamben? Check out our daily dive trips or our mini safaris to discover the beauty of Tulamben yourself. 

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