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The Best Activities To Do in Bali!

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Table of Contents

Beyond the activities related to the sea such as snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing or stand-up paddle, you can enjoy a wide range of things to do between 2 days of diving with us!

A local cooking class:

Want to know the secrets of Indonesian cuisine?  Sate, Nasi Goreng, Mie Goreng… All those who have traveled in Indonesia know that these typical dishes are delicious. But how to reproduce these dishes at home? 

A number of restaurants and hotels offer cooking classes. Before each class, you are taken to the market to learn about Indonesian ingredients and products. Afterwards, you will prepare the dishes with the chef and enjoy the results at lunch or dinner. Different rates are offered depending on the place you choose to take the course, from the most expensive to the most affordable.

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Back in the jungle with the waterfalls.

The Tegenungan waterfall will suit you if you are a nature lover. The falls are considered the most accessible natural attraction. 

Before the entrance, you will find many vendors selling clothes, bags, as well as art and souvenir stores and a few food and drink stands. 

Before starting the descent, you can admire the impressive panorama of the green valley with the waterfall. This is the ideal place if you want to take pictures from above. We advise you to have proper shoes because there are many steps to go down and up. And for the most daring, you can also enjoy a dive in the deep water of the basin.

Rice fields are classified as world heritage by UNESCO.

Tegallalang is one of the three most beautiful rice terraces in the Ubud area (the others are located in the villages of Pejeng and Campuhan). They are inscribed on the list of intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO. They were shaped between irrigation channels and stairs. The vegetation is very lush. You can see coconut trees, banana trees, frangipani trees, pineapple plants…

The rice terraces of Tegallalang alone offer a panoramic view that stretches out in front of you and away on the slopes of the valley. The roadside is a perfect place to take some pictures. 

Direction of the temples.

Tirta Empul Temple, which means “Holy Water Spring”, is a water source located within the temple that feeds various purification ponds, pools and ponds surrounding the outer perimeter. The Balinese and many tourists come to purify themselves, but this spring also has medicinal properties.

You first discover the gardens and the pathways decorated with statues and tropical plants that lead to the entrance. A large Balinese stone door gives access to the temple. Two fountains are only intended to purify the dead, so it is forbidden to use them. The pools are easily accessible, but you should remember to bring a bathing suit. There are changing rooms nearby to change clothes.

Legend has it that the sacred spring was born after an epic battle between a king named Mayadenawa and the God Indra. 

Let’s go for the ascent of the volcanoes.

Mount Batur, a volcano located in the Kintamani region of Bali, is a very popular trek to make. If you have a penchant for adventure, you can take a winding road to the lake shore that will lead you to Ulun Danu Batur temple and various hot springs with several pools. Lake Batur is located on the southeast side of the volcano. It is 16 km wide and is a popular fishing spot. 

Mount Batur is 1,717 meters high and takes about 2 hours to climb. It is highly recommended, if not mandatory, to climb the mountain with a local guide (but you may meet travelers who do without). Once at the top, you can admire the sunrise and enjoy a breakfast in the heights. On the way down, you can stop at the hot springs of the volcano and take pictures at some of the beautiful viewpoints. 

For most adventurers you can try Mount Agung, the highest volcano in Bali (3142m).

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A little refreshment while rafting.

Most travelers who vacation in Bali visit a white sand beach and go shopping. So how about a good dose of adrenaline? We recommend outdoor activities like rafting. For your information, there are many whitewater rivers in Bali, but only three are known for rafting: Telaga Waja, Ayung and Melangit.

A little moment of relaxation after all these efforts.

Yoga has been extremely popular in recent years in Bali, which is often referred to as a “wellness destination”. 

A variety of excellent yoga studios and yoga spots are spread throughout the island. Bali has become one of the world’s top destinations for experienced practitioners. It is also one of the best places if you are a beginner to practice yoga with very good teachers. 

Otherwise, like most tourist destinations in Southeast Asia, masseuses and masseurs dot the busy streets of Bali’s cities. Spas and massage parlors range from large and luxurious to small and inexpensive. All major hotels and most mid-sized hotels offer relaxing treatments. You will also find many small massage parlors almost everywhere in town.